Come Fly With Me

At the end of Wente Way there is a small beach, well-known to locals and a beach bum mutt named Stanley. Someone was flying a kite there and not just any kite. Olympic sized! To Stanley it sort of looked like a Frisbee so when it started to drift back to the beach he made a leap for it and held on. A sudden whoosh of wind sent it skyward and took Stanley with it! He flew and twisted joyfully but then found himself spinning in the strings. The wind died down and the kite did a gentle drop. Initially this seemed like a good thing, but as Stanley weighs 55 pounds his descent became more like a flaming comet. He clenched his teeth and prepared for a crash landing in the ocean.

     Clancy was out for a quiet paddle in his kayak and hardly expecting the missile that hit the water next to him. As the thing bobbed to the surface it was easily recognizable as the Fanny Bay mutt-Stanley. Clancy sighed, fished him out of the drink and straddled him over the bow of the kayak. Stanley was tightly bound and needed to be cut free and fast. But if anyone saw Clancy wielding a knife at some bulky struggling thing on the kayak the situation could get decidedly worse. It could even go viral on the Fanny Bay Community Flyer. He gave Stanley a gentle bop on the head with his paddle, just to keep him unconscious until he figured how to handle the situation. He was only a short way from the Fanny Bay wharf so he kept paddling, thinking he could pull out at the ramp and then work at releasing the apparently lifeless body of the dog.  As they neared the dock Stanley woke up, probably because of the whiff of fresh food on the dock. He fought frantically against the strings, whining pitifully.

     Clancy gave him another decidedly gentle bop. Methodically, he cut the strings, one by one, careful that they didn’t undo him all at once or neuter him! Makes it really hard on the love life. Finally, most of the tangled string was cut and Stanley was able to get one paw free. Weak though he was, he reached into his back pocket and bought out his Swiss Army Knife and cut the remaining strings himself.  Clancy was not the least surprised. Everyone knows that Stanley keeps a full set of tools and emergency equipment on hand.

     Clancy admired the knife and felt the dog was in a position to show some gratitude. It was an excellent multi knife and Stanley had just recently umm…acquired it. Clancy said “Come on. Give me the knife.” Stanley stood his ground and shook his bony head. “No.” Clancy said. “Either you give me that fine knife or I’ll tell everyone what really happened here.” The thought of being exposed was the clincher and Stanley handed over the knife. They took a sworn oath, spat on it and exchanged the compulsory face lick. They agreed that no one, not nobody, not no how would ever learn of this. Nobody.

So, dear readers, I’m asking. For Stanley’s sake and his sense of pride, don’t tell anyone. Trap shut, on your honor, and sealed with a doggy kiss.