Meet Stanley. 


     To tell you the truth, I just met him myself and I know next to nothing about him. I was taking some sticks out of the back of the trailer by the shop when I heard a sniffing sound. A strange and really bizarre looking dog rounded the shop. He parked himself, cocked his head and observed me with some interest. I had the feeling I was being assessed but allowed to make the first move at this, our initial visit.  Astonished, I said “Howdy do? “And asked who he was and what his business in Ships Point was. During this time of the Covid pandemic folks here are cautious and curious about anyone new. He listened politely and proceeded to pee on the yucca plant. (Note- when we built the shop there were three near-death yuccas by the door. After just one year of canine sprinkles they’ve gone gangbusters!) I fumbled for my cell to take a picture but he was way ahead of me. He fished out his business card from his back pocket, handed it to me, winked, gave a meaningful yap and was on his way. His walk is peculiar. He seems to veer a little to the left for 5 or 6 steps and then go on auto correct. I said he was a ‘he’ but as he trotted away from me I was sure. In hind sight I’d guess there are many little Stanley clones somewhere. I stepped into the road to watch him go down Vivian Way till he went ‘stage right’ at the fire lane and was gone.  

     My guess is that he came up my way from Victor Lane. Probably hitch-hiked a ride in the back of someone’s pick-up truck on Wente Way, then cut through the property down there. Who has a pick-up there? He trotted in a nonchalant sort of way, nose up and sniffing the air for anything of interest to a mutt. Maybe he just landed in Ships Point and was exploring and checking us out at the same time.  “Hmmm….nice puddle in that driveway, overfed cat on that front step, pile of sticks in front of peoples of yards, Thursday is garbage day in this part of town, red poop can –I’ll just pee on everything to let people know I’m here”. The cat was not impressed.

     After he left I looked at the card. It had his picture on it and the word ‘Stanley” and that was all. I’m not sure of the breed, but he looks like a terrier mixed with an Airedale, or a collie or maybe a broom. That was the extent of my first encounter with him, but in the few short days and weeks that followed there were many sightings of the new dog on the point. And there were incidents to report. Ho Boy!  Are there are stories to tell. If you’d like to hear of his adventures, misdeeds, goofy antics and clever ways of getting out of sticky situations, let me know and I’ll tell all.   


Stanley 101.  This charming and resourceful character is fiction, but he will steal your heart, lift your spirit and maybe leave something on your doorstep.