Robin Hood


      Fanny Bay Community Hall has a large notice sign and messages change regularly. On Monday Stanley watched as someone changed the sign but he couldn’t read it. Although he’s fluent in Spanish he struggles with English. He pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket, took a pic and then tapped the translator app. The sign read ‘Please Leave Food Donations Here on Tuesdays 1-3pm.  All Gratefully Accepted’. Stanley’s eyes got huge and his jaw dropped! In a nanosecond he hatched a brilliant plan.

     When the coast was clear he pawed the letters and re-arranged the notice. He stood back to read ‘Dog Food Donations Accepted here on Tuesdays 1-3pm’. The next day Stanley was back. There was a card table just outside the hall door and he tied himself to a leg and pretended to sleep. With one eye open. A truck backed up and a man dropped a bag on the table. He looked under the table at the sad looking dog, and said “Who’d leave a mutt like that tied to a table and just walk away? Pitiful”.   It was all Stanley could do to control a snigger.

     As soon as he left Stanley untied himself, grabbed the bag and dashed across the street to the OAP. His getaway was a pink kid’s bike with a basket and a bell. Stanley knew this was going to be a dangerous mission and he was prepared. He’d stuffed a hoodie and dark glasses in the basket and got into costume. The contents of the bag were dumped in the basket and it was a veritable bonanza of doggy treats! He grabbed a pig’s ear to chew on for the road and he was off. He pedalled along Ships Point, aiming for his hideout, but the road was fraught with danger. People were walking their dogs and it was going to be tough.

     First up was Dirk, the stately German Shepherd taking his humans for their regular walk.  Despite the hoodie drawn low over his mug, Dirk recognized him. Stanley rang the bell, tossed a large milk bone and kept going. Ring! Up ahead was another potential problem, but a rawhide hambone kept Casey distracted. Ring! Ring! Up ahead was Winston and he was going to be a tough one to get past. Winston saw right through the hoodie and did a drop and laugh in the middle of the road. Stanley gave it all he had and flew over top of him like the kid in ET. He dropped the choice squeaky chicken toy and kept going.

     Driven by the incessant squeaking Stanley raced up Vivian Way and made the last lap to the fire hall. Finally there, Stanley pushed the bike around the back of the hall to the burn container and leaned his bike against it.  A twinge of guilt over the stolen bike made Stanley pull out his cell phone and posted this on Fanny Bay Community facebook. ‘Pink girl’s bike found behind the Fire Hall on Vivian Way.’  Guilt appeased, he rolled in the doggy junk food, woofed most of it and passed out in the container.

     Sound familiar? It’s a trick or treat and as close to the real thing as Stanley and I could get.

                                                                   Happy Halloween!