A Christmas Mutt


For as long as he could remember, Christmas for Stanley was just another day. The promise of left-over Turkey dinner was his high point, as it is with many stray or homeless dogs. Occasionally he had managed to get all the way into a restaurant and grab a full meal deal and wolf it down in the broom closet.

Stanley thought there must be more to it than that. But what? There were no other dogs he could ask. Everyone he knew had a human and life was good. He pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket and used the voice command.

In doggy language he said ‘What is the best doggy Christmas present ever?’

Through the screen of his cell the ghost of Christmas Future reached out and patted his head and said.  “Why it’s you!  Let’s find the perfect family for you”.

He thumbed through his list and came up with these.   Couple living on fish boat 24/7. Looking for a dog for fish bait.  Stanley listened incredulously and shook his head. No! Family of 4 looking for a house sitter for 2 months in the winter. Must be a guard dog and bark at anything and all the time. Nope, definitely not!  Looking for a canine companion for a senior lady. Must be able to do parlor tricks and enjoy being dressed up and going for walk in a buggy. Oh, never! This wasn’t working.

Both the Ghost of Christmas Future and Stanley looked at each other and shrugged. This was becoming the impossible dream, so they agreed to table it for now and hope something would present itself.

 Stanley, being the resourceful and multi-talented fellow he is decided to handle this by himself.

He hiked up his jeans, puffed up his chest and snapped his red suspenders.

On his cell phone he found a local online dating site. He gave a mostly truthful description of himself and then listed his Christmas wish list. It went like this-

Looking for a forever friend. Must be willing to move often, not fussy about most things at all, weather tolerant and preferably a loner. But most of all, must be willing to give warmth and friendship regardless of the wrapping paper I come in.

A reply came almost immediately and they agreed to meet at a restaurant for a Christmas Dinner. The Salvation Army was there with open arms, a hot meal, new warm clothing and a place to sleep.

Please remember our homeless in the Comox Valley. Times may be tough but a donation to the

 Food Bank, Salvation Army or other organization is one of the best gifts you’ll ever give.

                         Thank you, and a Christmas face lick from Stanley.