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Dianne Volrich
Fanny Bay, BC. Canada.

Dianne was born in North Vancouver and moved to Port Alberni in 2013 and then to Fanny Bay in 2016. Living on Vancouver Island has proved to be all she expected! More at home in the woods than in any mall, she set up her easel in this small part of beautiful British Columbia. Surrounded by sweeping mountain ridges and the beauty of the oceans, inspiration was everywhere. Using the medium of acrylics, Dianne has created paintings that reflect her love of the outdoors and bold color.

As well as paintings, Dianne offers a few other expressions of her creativity.

‘Stuff’ includes unique and joyful creations crafted in wire, wood and fabric.

For the birds. Literally!

Not your average bird houses. Wood working is another interest and combined with her sense of humour, Dianne creates one of a kind avian hotels. Every bird should have a place to call home, and everyone under a bird house should have a hat.


A joy to create. For those who wish to make a statement, a hat will do it!.


Wire sculptures start with an idea and quickly develop a personality of their own. This family of wired characters are, well ,wired!

Using chimney wire, inner tubes, bits of interesting stuff and a great deal of humour, Dianne presents birds of a different kind of feather.

 Signs of the Thymes

When there’s a profusion of garden, you need signs to avoid the confusion of profusion. Here’s found objects, old wood, new wood, splashes of paint and a smiling approach to sorting out the bean there from the rutabaga here.

“Imagery is everywhere, constantly changing. To capture it and create something original and unusual is irresistible. I thrive on it.”.

The Stanley Stories

These are the stories of a charming and resourceful rogue – the kind you want to read about – but never take home.